Building Together: An Islamic Finance Ecosystem for All

IFSG is a one-stop platform to address any Islamic finance and investment-related needs of the local Muslim community by combining the efforts and strengths of finance professionals and Shariah scholars.


About us

IFSG was born from a discussion on how we could make Islamic Finance accessible to anyone. So in August 2018, we started a Whatsapp group to facilitate knowledge sharing between students, scholars, and finance professionals. We have since expanded to organize events such as community round tables and live webinars where people can connect, share information and start projects that ultimately bring value to our community.

  • 1. To clarify financial issues pertaining to the community through credible and proper research

  • 2. To act as an accelerator to raise finance issues to the relevant authority

  • 3. To form a cohesive unit that synergises Islamic Finance expertise from Industry players and asatizah

Mr Zhulkarnain opening speech
  • 1. To be a source of reference for the Muslim community in Singapore about Islamic Finance

  • 2. To be a group that gathers Islamic finance issues and escalates a proposed solution to the relevant authority

  • 3. Towards a gracious and prudent financial Management community

Islamic Finance Vission
  • 1. To bridge the gap between Islamic Finance practitioners / academics / industry players and asatizah / madrasah students

  • 2. To provide a platform to facilitate information sharing and discussion about muamalat (commercial transactions)

  • 3. To increase public awareness on the roles and impact of Islamic Finance towards a sustainable financial ecosystem


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Our Events

IFSG does Islamic Finance and wealth management events monthly, either on its own or with established partners.

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We are constantly thinking and building new resources for our community.

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